Name That New York Times Columnist!
October 5, 2014

Name That New York Times Columnist!

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I like reading The New York Times. Sure, 95% of the articles are boring and you never need to read beyond the headlines, but the editors have an amazing eye for young, upcoming talent and it’s free, since my Dad pays for a subscription and I know his password. 

My only real complaint is the predictability of the Editorial Page. I like to play a game sometimes where I just read the title of the Op-Ed and try to guess who wrote it. I’m right about 100% of the time.

Would you like to play, unique visitor?! Here, try matching my prototypical headlines to the corresponding NYTimes columnist.


 1)    “Something Terrible Is Happening In Africa”

2)    “I’ve Been Right About Everything Since Forever.”

3)    “I Had Coffee With A Chinese/Egyptian Person And Now I Have A Catchy Name For An Extremely Broad And Obvious Concept.”  

4)    “I Skim Articles On Social Psychology And Summarize Them For You, Which Makes Me Seem Insightful!”

5)     “I’m What Passes For Funny Here, People!”

6)    “Look, The New York Times Hired A Republican! Honor. Virtue. Cultural Factors.”


A)   Tom Friedman

B)    Paul Krugman

C)   Nick Kristof

D)   Gail Collins

E)    Ross Douhat

F)    David Brooks

 Answer Key (Spoiler Alert!):

 1 - C

2 – B

3 – A

4 – F

5 – D

6 - E

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