Make Political Messaging Great Again
November 10, 2016

Make Political Messaging Great Again

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Question for y’all: why is the progressive message appealing to only 50% of the population, instead of 95% of it? This is what I'm trying to figure out, ever since that time we elected Donald Trump president. 

I think we must be doing something wrong, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s because we’re all yelling about a hundred different things at once, instead of yelling about things one at a time, in order of importance (which is Marketing 101, by the way). If the policies are correct, then it must be a communications issue (assuming it’s not because the other 50% of Americans are just irredeemable deplorable lizards).

What if all progressives were asked to prioritize these five issues, and we agreed to only start yelling about the next issue once the original issue had been resolved. Here’s a random sample of issues that matter to me, in no particular order:

1) Stopping Global Warming
2) Economic Stimulus / Infrastructure Spending
3) Criminal Justice Reform
4) Aid For Developing Countries
5) Promoting Urbanization

What would your ranking look like? And what would make your Top 5?

These are rudimentary questions, but I have a feeling that the Democratic Party’s leadership has not prioritized these messages in the correct order, and I have a feeling that the style in which we’re delivering that message is not appealing to a lot of Americans (maybe it’s the yelling? I don’t know --- I’m not a doctor).

We have to prioritize, because otherwise the message gets drowned out in the noise, and Americans have a very finite attention span. Trump, you may have noticed, had a very focused message: “Make America Great Again” by “Building A Wall.” I can't actually remember one of Hillary's 10 million policies, and I listened to her speak 12+ times.

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